“I don’t know how to express myself at the moment on your magnificent performance as Gloria in ‘Less Than A Whisper. I am totally lost for words. You are a powerful actress and I know there is not another actress in Hollywood who could have pulled off your character the way that you did in this film. She brought magic to my film set in a MAJOR way! She is the BEST OF THE BEST!”

Francis Xavier CEO/Founder
Metropolis Pictures Entertainment

“Serena is one of those professionals that don’t come along very often, but when they do it’s a pure delight, as not only is she a great actress with huge range and endless talent who is totally dedicated and always gives her all to the role from start to finish with unwavering enthusiasm, but she is genuinely one of the nicest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Great talent and a great person combined, Serena is definitely someone I hope to work with again.”

Gene Fallaize
Film and Television Producer

“Serena Lorien is the scariest person I’ve ever seen!” – Director, Brandon Slagle on Serena Lorien’s performance as Patricia Krenwinkel in ‘House of Manson’.

Brandon Slagle
Director – Microbay Features

“I love Serena’s professionalism, talent and dedication to the craft. Most of all though, Serena is a true delight to work with!”

Phil Volken
Writer/ Director

“Serena Lorien is an outstanding talent who embodies the essence of pure class.  She brings so much to the table as an actress; she elevates the material beyond all expectations. She is a joy to work with. Her charm and wit come through in every frame.”

Doug Slocum
Editor/ Director

“Serena is amazing! She had a lead role in my short film ‘The Hollywood Sign’ with only 10 minutes of rehearsal time and without seeing the script beforehand. Long story, but that’s what really happened. The short was a film festival success and I get a lot of positive feedback on her performance.

John Charter
Director/ Writer

“Serena was a pleasure to work with; she is also one of the most talented actresses I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Serena gave a performance that just blew me away in this film!”

Harry Sparks
Award-winning Director/ Editor

“We were fortunate to be able cast Serena Lorien for our Sci Fi feature “Lizard Boy”. Serena arrived on set with her lines memorized and the character nailed. She was fun to work with and a total pro – AND She can play American roles as well! I would recommend Serena in a heartbeat.”

Paul Della Pelle
Director/ Producer

“Serena is one of the most professional, hard working young people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is prompt, displays the best of manners and courtesy in her business dealings and has a general deep level of care for others, as I have witnessed. I would highly recommend anyone considering hiring her to capitalize on her work ethic”.

Damian Perkins
Producer/ Director