‘The Enemy’ – March, 2015
Serena was cast in this thriller which will shoot in Spring in the Washington, D.C area.

‘House of Manson’ – February, 2015
House of Manson won a Rising Star Award at the 2015 Canada International Film Festival.

‘DC Independent Film Festival’ – February, 2015
Serena attended the DC Independent Film Festival where her feature film ‘House of Manson’ was screened.

‘The Pipeline’ – February, 2015
Serena was asked if she would do a cameo role for this short film starring Anger Management’s, Barry Corbin.

‘Voiceover’ – February, 2015
Serena was cast as the voice of a successful global company.

‘Voice Company’ – January, 2015
Serena was one of the international talent brought in to record for this company.

‘The Tales of Samuel Hoffmann’- December, 2014
Serena was cast in this contemporary adaptation of Jacques Offenbach’s ‘The Tales of Hoffmann’. She will shoot in several locations including overseas.

Thailand/ China – November, 2014
Serena took a break between all of her projects and spent a month traveling around the country of Thailand and visiting China where she hiked the Great Wall.

‘Welcome To Purgatory/ 2014 London Comic Con’ – October, 2014
Serena was part of a cast and crew panel and autograph signing for this upcoming Action/ Fantasy Trilogy filming at Pinewood Studios in England next year.

‘The Green Fairy’ – October, 2014
Serena shot a role for this feature film which has an expected 2016 Cannes Film Festival release.

‘Best Sport Ever’ – September, 2014
Serena again voiced multiple characters for another 14 episodes of this cartoon originating from France.

‘Perception of Art’ – September, 2014
Serena shot a cameo appearance for this feature film.

‘Welcome To Purgatory’ – August, 2014
Serena has been invited to attend Comiccon London to be part of a panel and signing for the upcoming trilogy.

‘iTunes’ – August, 2014
Serena was booked by Apple to voice a commercial for iTunes Radio.

‘Best Sport Ever’ – August, 2014
Serena voiced multiple characters for 14 episodes of this cartoon originating from France.

‘The X Species’ – August, 2014
Serena was part of the cast chosen to shoot some additional scenes for this thriller feature film.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ – August, 2014
’22 Jump Street’ and ‘Constantine’ star, Peter Stromare has joined the cast of Serena’s exciting upcoming Fantasy/ Action Trilogy to be shot early 2015 with an end of year release date.

‘Apple’ – August, 2014
Serena booked another voiceover for this globally successful company.

‘Comedy Short’ – August, 2014
Serena completed co-writing a comedic short film which is now in pre-production.

‘ComicCon’ – July, 2014
Serena enjoyed her first ComicCon appearance, autographing for ‘Necrolectric’.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ – July, 2014
British star of ‘The Inbetweeners’, James Buckley and ‘Evil Dead’ star, Bruce Campbell have joined the cast of Serena’s upcoming Fantasy/ Action Trilogy.

‘Things Curvy Girls Say To Skinny Girls’ – July, 2014
Serena shot a role for this comedic viral video.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA – July, 2014
Serena was again hired by Visit California to shoot two more international tourism videos in Joshua Tree and Santa Cruz where she was featured in a three page spread in the Sentinel newspaper and on the TV news for KION.

‘Less Than a Whisper’ – June, 2014
Serena shot more scenes playing the role of mysterious, Gloria Belton for this supernatural thriller feature.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ – June, 2014
US actress, Jillian Murray (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Wild Things: Foursome, Mass Effect 3) has been cast as the other female lead to Serena in this Scott Spiegel (Hostel Trilogy, Evil Dead II) co-produced Fantasy-Action Trilogy shooting in Pinewood Studios, England.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – June, 2014
Serena was again hired by Visit California to shoot an international tourism video for San Diego.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – June, 2014
Serena traveled to Buffalo, New York to host an international tourism video.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – May, 2014
Serena is traveling to Georgia to host six international tourism videos across the State.

‘Keine Insel’ – April, 2014
Serena did the English voiceover for this Austrian documentary which aired on one of Austria’s biggest television stations, ORF.

‘Comic-Con’ – April, 2014
Serena will be part of the cast attending San Diego Comic-Con this year for Necrolectric where they will be signing autographs.

‘Less Than A Whisper’ – April, 2014
Serena booked a starring role in this new Mystery/ Thriller from Writer/ Director, Francis Xavier. She starts shooting this month.

‘WonderCon’ – April, 2014
Necrolectric had a successful signing booth at WonderCon where they sold various merchandise from the show.

‘Necrolectric’- March, 2014
Serena shot for the finale episode of season 1 for this Paranormal web series. Her character will be recurring in season 2.

‘Akte Die Galilei’ – March, 2014
Serena did the English voiceover for this Austrian documentary which aired on one of Austria’s biggest television stations, ORF.

‘House of Manson’- February/ March, 2014
Serena booked a lead role in this feature film, produced by Micro Bay Features, portraying Patricia Krenwinkel, the longest-serving American female prisoner to date. She shoots February and March.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’- February, 2014
Serena traveled to Florida a fourth time for a series of 5 international tourism videos for Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and The Keys.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – February, 2014
Serena traveled to Florida a third time, this trip to shoot the international tourism video for Sarasota, Florida.

‘Necrolectric’ – January, 2014
Serena booked a recurring role in this new Paranormal web series which will be attending Wonder Con and Comic Con later this year.

‘Lazarus’ – January, 2014
This 1950’s style horror film Serena shot for last year will have its international premiere at the ‘Weekend of Fear Festival’ in Germany.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – December, 2013
Serena traveled again to Florida, this time to shoot the international tourism video for Naples, Florida.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – November, 2013
Serena traveled to various parts of Northern and Southern California as well as Surfside and Citrus County in Florida as the UK travel host for Discover America to shoot a series of international tourism videos.

‘The X Species’ – October, 2013
Serena flew to New Mexico for just over two weeks to shoot a role in this horror/ thriller feature film.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – October, 2013
Serena is now a go-to travel host for this American government-contracted company and was re-hired for a third time to travel to Illinois for another series of international hosting videos.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – September, 2013
Serena spent the majority of the month in South Carolina shooting a series of international tourism videos as a travel host for this American government-contracted company. As part of her job she got to drive in a Nascar and play golf for the first time.

’19th Kolkata International Film Festival’ – September, 2013
Dreamz was selected for screening and has been nominated for the ‘Netpac’ award at this year’s KIFF.

‘Commffest’ – September, 2013
The Indian film Serena starred in was made an official selection for the 2013 Commffest Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ – August, 2013
Exciting news for this upcoming Fantasy Action Trilogy series Serena has the lead role of Nina in, Scott Spiegel (writer of Evil Dead II and Executive Producer of the Hostel films) is now on-board as the film’s Executive Producer.

‘ActorsE’ – August, 2013
Serena had an hour-long, live, filmed interview with host Yi Tian on Actors Entertainment Chat show. It will soon be uploaded to Serena’s press Video page to watch.

‘Following the Nerd’ – July, 2013
Following the Nerd Magazine’s ‘The Big Interview’ with Serena was just published.

‘Discover America/ Brand USA’ – June, 2013
Serena has been hired again as the host of a series of tourism videos by this US government contracted company designed to encourage tourism to America, she will be traveling around the beautiful State of South Carolina this coming September for the project.

‘LA Talk Radio’ – June, 2013
Serena had a fantastic live, in-studio radio interview with Sheena Metal from the top-rated talk-show ‘The Sheena Metal Experience’ for LA Talk Radio, topics ranged from her recent film bookings and work to dolphins, kicking butt as a strong female actress, guns, Flyboarding, India, drugs and more, Serena was asked to return again soon.

‘Artists on Demand’ – June, 2013
Serena had a great interview for Artists on Demand on Blog Talk Radio, take a listen on the Radio tab under the Press section.

‘Just Celebrity’ – June, 2013
Serena’s interview with Just Celebrity Magazine was just published.

‘Premiere Scene’ – May, 2013
Serena had a filmed interview at the Cannes Film Festival with Premiere Scene alongside the Director and Producer of her latest film booking, ‘Welcome to Purgatory’, the interview will be out next month. Serena plays the lead role of Nina in this film trilogy.

‘Movie Scope Magazine’ – May, 2013
Serena was featured on the first page of Movie Scope Magazine alongside Steven Spielberg in this trade magazine which circulated 50,000 copies at the Cannes Film Festival.

‘Cannes Film Festival’ – May, 2013
Serena was invited to Festival De Cannes for promotional purposes for her latest film booking, ‘Welcome to Purgatory’.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ – April, 2013
Serena booked the lead role of Nina, a long-standing survivor of hell in the Fantasy/ Action Trilogy, ‘Welcome to Purgatory’. The film will shoot for three months at Pinewood Studios in England with a 2014 release. You can see more information at

‘Caribbean’ – April, 2013
Serena spent ten days in the Caribbean working as a model on different photo shoots including her first under-water assignment.

‘Web Series’ – March, 2013
Serena reprised her role in the second episode for a known martial arts web series.

‘Lazarus’ – March, 2013
Serena shot the role of ‘Andrea’ in this horror film set in the 1950’s. More details at

‘West Hollywood Tourism Video’ – February, 2013
Serena was hired to represent the city of West Hollywood as the host and voiceover for a travel series from Brand USA/ Discover America, a US government-implemented program designed to encourage tourism to the United States.

‘Vehbi Koc’ – January, 2013
Serena was hired as the voiceover for this international training video for this school in Turkey.

‘Dreamz’ – October – November, 2013
Serena shot a starring role in this gritty drama feature film shot in New Delhi, India. The film is loosely based on the true life stories of under-privileged girls from around the world.

‘Dreamz’ – August – September, 2013
Serena has been spending her time being assistant script-writing for a drama feature film to be shot in India featuring an international cast of actors.

‘Untitled Feature Film’ – July, 2012
Serena leaves this month for training for this comedy feature film starring Danny Glover. Serena’s role was expanded after the Producer’s and Director were impressed with her performance during table reads. This feature will shoot in LA, New Mexico and Malaysia.

‘Dante’s Inferno Documented’, ‘Dante’s Purgatorio Documented’ and ‘Dante’s Paradiso Documented’ – June/ July, 2012
Serena was honored to work on all three of these feature film documentaries, the films star Eric Roberts and Jeff Conaway along with various other talented actors and are based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. They will be used for educational purposes in collages across the USA and Italy as well as having worldwide distribution. ‘Dante’s Inferno Documented’ is due to screen at the Venice Film Festival this upcoming August/ September.

‘The Heart of a Woman’ – June, 2012
Serena booked the role of ‘Dr. Johnson’ in this feature film shooting this coming October.

‘Untitled Comedy Feature’ – June, 2012
Serena played the role of a neurotic American mother for this independent feature film.

‘LA Exclusive TV’ – May, 2012
Serena hosted the 33rd Annual Young Artist Awards.

‘National Realty’ – May, 2012
Serena is the spokesperson for this commercial.

‘The Dark Son’ – May, 2012
Serena shot her role as ‘Dr Abigail Thomas’ for the pilot episode of this upcoming TV series which is generating buzz and network interest.

‘Untitled Feature Film’ – April, 2012
Serena has been cast in a role for this upcoming comedy feature film starring Danny Glover.

‘Title TBA’ – April, 2012
Serena was cast in an exciting new horror film shooting in Baltimore, MD in May. More details tba…

‘Heart Stopper’ – March, 2012
Serena has been cast in this feature film shooting late summer alongside Dominique Swain.

‘The Dark Son’ – February, 2012
Serena shot teaser footage for her role as ‘Dr. Abigail Thomas’ for this upcoming TV series.

‘Art’s Demise’ – February, 2012
Serena has been cast in the role of ‘Ann’, a New York Magazine Editor in this upcoming feature film shooting in NYC alongside Harry Dean Stanton, Anne Parrillaud and Roger Guenveur Smith. To view more details on the project click here

‘Langdon Nation’ – February, 2012
Serena was the starring guest on this radio show. You can listen to her interview at

‘The Dark Son’ – January, 2012
Serena has been cast in the recurring guest-star role of ‘Abigail Thomas’ for the pilot and upcoming series of this new urban action television show from Writer, Neko Sparks.

‘Catharsis’ – January, 2012
Serena’s poetry has been published in this book by author, Remy Davis.

‘Confident Women’ – January, 2012
Serena was asked to be the guest speaker at the upcoming ‘Confident Women’ networking event designed to motivate and nurture other professional women.

‘‎2012 Actress Obsession Awards’ – December, 2011
Serena was awarded the ‘Alluring face everyone needs to covert award’.

‘Rolling Stone Toy Drive’ – December, 2011
Serena was very happy to give back this holiday season donating and attending the event for the Rolling Stone Toy Drive for Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

‘Superman: Requiem’ – November, 2011
Serena was pleased to be able to attend the Premiere of Superman: Requiem at one of the largest chain of cinemas in Europe. The Premiere took place at the Odeon Cinema in Covent Garden, London, UK.

‘Huntingdon’ – October, 2011
Serena has been cast in this upcoming project from British writer, Alexander Emmert. Her character, Dr Vanessa Grey from the feature film ‘Sound of Mind’ alongside Thora Birch and Efren Ramirez will be carrying over into this film.

‘Garbage’ – October, 2011
Serena attended the Premiere of her film ‘Garbage’, starring Daryl Hannah and William Baldwin at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

‘The Human Factor’ – September, 2011
Serena’s role has been upgraded from a supporting role to a co-leading role in this upcoming feature film, she will be playing a police detective alongside Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo and Charisma Carpenter. To view more details on the project click here

‘The Ruffian’ – September, 2011
Serena will shoot a role in this crime drama towards the end of this month.

‘Plastic Surgeon’ – September, 2011
Serena has been asked to be the voice of all commercials produced for a Dr in San Antonio, Texas.

‘London Flair PR’ – September, 2011
Serena is happy to now be working alongside Catherine Lyn Scott of London Flair PR.

‘Garbage’ – August, 2011
Serena’s credit has hit imdb for this feature film starring Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin. Check it out here

‘Catalog Spree’ – August, 2011
After already having brought Serena back to shoot more for this iPad App commercial Serena has now been asked to be their company spokesperson which involves film and voiceover work, she shoots for them again this month.

‘Lizard Boy’ – August, 2011
This Sci Fi/ Comedy film Serena shot now has US (Cinema Epoch) and International (Multivisionnaire) distribution. Internationally the film has been released in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia!

‘Gripped’ – August, 2011
David A. Armstrong of the classic ‘Saw’ franchise is now due to direct this upcoming film Serena has a lead role in from Angel Light Pictures and VisionChaser.

‘Web Series’ – August, 2011
Serena booked a recurring role playing an FBI agent.

‘Sound of Mind’ – July, 2011
This upcoming feature film from writer, Alexander Emmert in which Serena will be playing the role of psychiatrist, Dr Grey has secured distribution from Tri Coast Worldwide. You can view more details about the film at

‘Superman: Requiem – July, 2011
Jack O’ Halloran now has a voice cameo opposite Serena’s for this feature film from Cupsogue Pictures.

‘6 O’ Clock News’ – July, 2011
Serena filmed a role for this new TV pilot.

‘Garbage’ – July, 2011
Serena did VO and ADR for her previously shot role in this feature film starring Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin. View more information about the film at

‘Couture Color’ – June, 2011
Serena booked a commercial for this hair care line.

‘Catalog Spree’ – June, 2011
After impressing the Director with her previous performance Serena was asked back to shoot more for this iPad App commercial.

‘The Hollywood Sign’ – June, 2011
After great reactions to this film screening at the ‘El Cid Short Film Night’ this comedy film has been invited to screen at the ‘Best of LA Short Film Showcase’. The film also won the ‘Brown Paper Pete’ film festival’ when first released.

‘Sing for your supper, Lisa Redman’ – June, 2011
Serena was cast in the starring role for this short film.

‘A Date with Oscar’ – May, 2011
Serena shot a role for this feature film starring Alimi Ballard (Fast Five/ Numbers).

‘TGMD Talent Agency’ – May, 2011
Serena is happy to now be working with Ilko Drozdoski at one of the premier voiceover agencies in the world, TGMD.

‘Less Than a Whisper’ – April, 2011
Serena is very pleased to have been offered a lead role in Francis Xavier’s upcoming feature film. The film is being produced by Metropolis Pictures Entertainment.

‘Greek’ – April, 2011
Serena has been cast as the Greek Goddess, Athena in this new TV pilot.

‘Me 2’ – March, 2011
Serena has been offered a lead role in this upcoming comedy feature film from Wisdom Productions.

‘Hannibal’ – February, 2011
Serena shot a role for this music video for music artist, Broad Day producted by Shav Sha Israel.

‘Uppercut Salon’ – January, 2011
Serena booked a Voiceover job for this Texas-based company.

‘Superman: Requiem’ – December, 2010
Serena met with Director, Gene Fallalze whilst In the United Kingdom and completed her role for the upcoming Superman film due out in 2011.

‘Photo shoot’ – November, 2010
Serena shot with photographer, Harrison Funk who is well-known for being Michael Jackson’s personal photographer throughout the height of his career. Mr Funk has photographed some of the worlds best known faces, including The Rolling Stones, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela.

‘Premier Talent Group – October, 2010
Serena has signed to the Premier Talent Group for commercial representation.

‘Superman: Requiem – September, 2010
In this now titled Superman film Serena will be playing the role of a NASA Capcom from British Director/ Producer Gene Fallaize.

‘Superman: Requiem’ – August, 2010
Serena has been offered a role in this exciting upcoming project from Cupsogue Pictures. Please visit for more information about this project and the many others Cupsogue are currently working on.

‘The Human Factor’ AKA ‘The Throwaways’ – August, 2010
Exciting updates for this upcoming project Serena has been cast in, the film, now titled ‘The Human factor’ has attached Michael Madsen who in addition to Joining the cast will be making his Directorial Debut. Other additions to the cast include Eric Roberts, Danny Trejo, Charisma Carpenter, Sean Patrick flanery, Doug Jones, Shalim Ortiz and Gary Daniels.

‘Book of 1000 Deaths’ – July, 2010
Serena shot the role of Bloody Mary for this horror film from Wisdom Productions.

‘Figment’ – June, 2010
Serena booked a role in this upcoming feature film due to shoot in Los Angeles in July – August from Alexander Kane and Kane Able Productions.

‘Premier Talent Group’ – May, 2010
Serena is excited to now be represented theatrically by James Jones at The Premier Talent Group.

‘Hollywood Select Talent’ – April, 2010
Serena is pleased to announce that she is now represented commercially by Mike Sutton at Hollywood Select Talent.

‘Book of 1000 Deaths’ – April, 2010
Serena booked two roles in this upcoming film.

‘Poe’ – March, 2010
Serena shot for this exciting horror film due out at the end of the year. She plays the character of States Attorny Barbara Dees. The film stars David Fine and Stelio Savante. To find out more about the film please visit – and/or

‘The Family Inheritance’ – March, 2010
Serena is now attached to this comedy film due to be released in 2012. The film is being directed by Danny LeGare.

‘Sound of Mind’ – March, 2010
Serena booked a role in this upcoming film written by Alexander Emmert. The film is due to shoot early next year in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and can be found at –

‘Vampires of Hollywood’ – February, 2010
Serena booked the role of ‘Lena’ in this upcoming film directed by ‘Jason X’ Director, James Isaac and written by Gary Van Haas. Check the project out at

‘Blood on the Border’ – February, 2010
Serena is now attached to this film which is in-development as the role of ‘Ana’. The film is written by Gary Van Haas and is due to shoot in 2011.

‘Poe’ – February, 2010
Visit to check out Serena’s credit for this horror film from Francis Xavier shooting this month.

‘Poe’ – January, 2010
Serena booked the role of Barbara Dees in this upcoming horror film from Francis Xavier. The film is due to start shooting next month. Her credit will be hitting imdb soon.

‘Instant lift’ – January, 2010
Serena filmed the commercial for this product for a UK television channel.

‘FastPrep and SpinPrep’ – January, 2010
Serena is the Host/ Spokesperson for the FastPrep Homogenization System and SpinPrep Centrifuge from
MP Biomedicals. She just completed the technical videos for both products which will be distributed Worldwide.

‘Life in the Fastlane’ – January, 2010
Serena booked a supporting role in this upcoming feature film alongside Michael Madsen, John Scheider, Conchata Ferrell and more.

‘The Throwaways’ – January, 2010
Serena’s credit is now up on the imdb page for this upcoming feature film. Look out for more exciting updates coming soon –

‘The Throwaways’ – December, 2009
Serena is now attached to this feature film which is in pre-production starring Luke Goss and shooting in 2010. Her credit will be attached to the film’s imdb page within the next couple of weeks, but be sure to check the project out at

‘Gripped’ – December, 2009
Visit the official website at Click on ‘Film and Video’ and then ‘Current Projects’ to read about the film and Serena’s upcoming role as ‘Melissa’.

‘USA Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010’ – November, 2009
Serena shot a principal role in a film made for the USA Pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010 which will have 70 million visitors attending. She speaks Mandarin in the film.

‘Gripped’ – November, 2009
Serena booked a lole in this SAG feature film to be shot in Michigan or Texas earlier next ear.

‘The Lifeboat Sonata’ – November, 2009
Serena booked a role in this feature film which will be shot in Los Angeles in February 2010.

‘Short film’ . November, 2009
Serena shot a co-star role for a currently untitled short film.

‘Lizard Boy’ . October, 2009
Serena attended the LA premier of ‘Lizard Boy’ which is currently in distribution talks.

‘Various Projects’ – August – September, 2009
Serena has been in England and Europe for two months shooting and working on various projects.

‘Frankenstein Rising’ – July, 2009
Serena is the voice of the 103 year old Elizabeth Frankenstein played by the late actress, Anita Page for this feature starring Margaret O’Brien and Randal Malone.

‘A Voice In The Dark’ – June, 2009
This is the finalized title for ‘A Dream Beloved’ which Serena shot for this month playing the role of Jane. You can check it out on imdb now at

‘A Dream Beloved’ – June, 2009
Serena shot a supporting role for this feature film alongside a great ensemble cast of veteran actors and talented newcomers.

‘Yoga for wii!’ – May, 2009
Serena just recorded several characters for this new Video Game due out later this year on the Nintendo Wii from Dreamcatcher Games and JoWood.

‘Exclusively Weddings’ – April, 2009
You can find Serena on page 4 of this season’s catalogue.

‘The Studio Apart ment’ – April, 2009
Serena is co-hosting this new web series.

‘iCandy’ – April, 2009
Watch out for the iCandy webste coming soon –

‘A Way With Murder’ – March, 2009
Look out for Serena alongside Michael Madsen and Justin Hartley in this newly released feature film.

‘RPM’ – february, 2009
Serena is now represented by RPM.

‘Dumbstruck’ . February, 2009
This short film Serena shot for just had its Hollywood screening after being screened at the Cannes film festival and at Movieum in London.

‘Project Lodestar Sagas’ – February, 2009
Continued filming.

‘A Way With Murder’ – October, 2008
Serena shot a supporting role for this feature film starring Michael Madsen, Justin Hartley and Kim Morgan Greene, View details at

‘Project Lodestar Sagas’ – October, 2008
Serena is currently filming for this feature which stars the late Yvonne De Carlo.

‘Truly Blessed’ – September, 2008
Serena shot a supporting role for this feature film starring Vanessa Bell Calloway.

‘Lizard Boy’ – July, 2008
Serena shot a role for this Science Fiction film by Picture Stable Films.

‘Screen Actors Guild’ – July, 2008
Serena is now eligible to join SAG.

‘Oceans 7-11 ‘ – May, 2008
Serena voices the character Ms Elizabeth Bishop in episode one of this exciting new Web series.

‘Superior Talent Agency’ – April, 2008
Serena has signed with Superior for commercial representation.

‘Barber ECO-8000’ – April, 2008
Serena is the Voiceover for this Time Warner commercial.

‘Porter Ranch Dental Studio’ – April, 2008
Serena shot two commercials for this Dentist for Time Warner.

‘The Hollywood Sign’ – April , 2008
Serena co-starred in this film which just won ‘The Brown Paper Pete Film Festival’ in los Angeles.

‘iCandy’ – March, 2008
Serena just shot three episodes for this new webseries.

‘Spinlash’ – March, 2008
You will see Serena in the commercial for the new Spinlash mascara from ‘Akasha’.

‘Pawn’ – March, 2008
Serena voices the ‘British Newscaster’ in this film due for release later this year from Dark Matter Films.

‘Wingmen’ – February, 2008
Serena has been cast in a recurring role for this new Web series by an award-winning producer.

‘KBNG’ – January, 2008
Serena has been booked as a regular guest on the Rick Steele morning show on KBNG, 103.7 FM which is one of the strongest FM radio stations in Colorado. She will be a frequently interviewed guest over the next few months.

‘Circle W Ranch’ – December, 2007
Serena did the Voiceover for the new Circle W Ranch Commercial in Sarasota, Florida

‘Electronic Jazz Ensemble’ – November 2007
Serena voiced the character of the ‘Computer’ on a CD track for the Electronic Jazz Ensemble’s debut album due out February, 2008.

‘The Spotlight’ – November, 2007
Serena can now be found in Spotlight in the ‘Spotlight Actresses’

‘2007/2008’ book on page number 3868.
‘The Hopeful Network’ – October, 2007 Serena just shot the new commercial for this valuable charity.

‘Agatha Christie’s ‘Evil Under the Sun’ – October, 2007
The new PC game from Dreamcatcher Adventure Games has now been released in the USA, the UK release is due November ’07. Serena voices the character ‘Gladys Narracott’.

‘4 Women’ – September, 2007
Serena has just been cast in the new feature film from Pacino Entertainment.

‘Company Man’ . September, 2007
Serena shot a role in the new short by Wilcox Films for the ’48 Hour Film Project’ competition sponsored by Visa.

‘Twilight Innocent’ – September, 2007
The new novel from best-selling horror author Andrea Dean Van Scayoc featuring Serena as the cover model is due for release this month.

‘Agatha Christie’s ‘The Hollow’ – August, 2007
Serena has started her run in Agatha Christie’s play ‘The Hollow’. Her character is the famous movie-star Veronica Craye. Performances run until September 2nd at the Noho London Music Hall.

‘Graduating Racism’ . August, 2007
This documentary narrated by Serena is now airing on Current TV.

‘Parx-e. com – July, 2007
Serena was interviewed for the Australian online magazine.

‘Agatha Christie’s ‘Evil Under the Sun’ – July, 2007
Serena has Just completed voicing the character of Gladys Narracott for the new Dreamcatcher Adventure PC Game being released later this year.

‘Dog Cat Radio’ July, 2007
Serena has Just finished shooting three TV hosting segments for Dog Cat TV as the Dog Cat TV Pet Chef.

‘All Hallow’s Eve’ . June, 2007
Serena Just wrapped the feature film ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ in Baltimore, MA with Sparks Entertainment due for release this coming October.

‘Understanding the Basics of Singing’ – June 2007
Serena just returned from Boston where she was shooting the singing exercises on the DVD for the Understanding of Music Company. The DVD will have worldwide distribution.

‘Pandigital . May 2007
Serena can now be seen in every big department store as a print mode for the new Pandlgltal S” photo frame box and frame.